Terms Of Use

of the Information Center
of Private Cultural Institution
GARAGE Museum of Contemporary Art

1. General Provisions

1.1. These terms of use (hereafter, the “Terms”) of the Information Center operated by Private Cultural Institution GARAGE Museum of Contemporary Art (hereafter, the “Center”) specify the general conditions for user services. The Center is a project of Private Cultural Institution GARAGE Museum of Contemporary Art.

1.2. These Terms were drawn up in accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the Federal Law On Personal Data and other legal acts of the Russian Federation and the City of Moscow related to museum activities.

1.3. In these Terms the following definitions are used:

  • “data carrier” means a material object containing information in the form of a text, an audio file or an image designed for data transfer through time and space for the purpose of storage and public use;
  • “user” means an individual or a corporate entity which makes use of the services of the Center (hereafter the “User”);
  • “request for data carrier” means a standard form which includes all relevant information on the requested data carrier and the User. The form is to be used for the working procedure at the Center and for checking out a data carrier to the User;
  • “registration with the Center” means the formalization of the right to use the Center, which includes:
    • User’s familiarization with the Terms;
    • signing a bilateral Contract of Use;
    • filling in the registration questionnaire in an e-database for the Center users;
    • issuance of a library card to the User;
  • “collections of the Center” (hereafter, the “Collections”) include five sections based on the type of data carrier involved, in particular:
    • Book Collection;
    • Rare and Precious Publication Collection;
    • Periodical Collection;
    • Multimedia Collection;
    • Document Collection;
  • “library card” means a document issued to users of the Center which gives the right for personal use of the Funds and services of the Center in compliance with these Terms.

2. Registration Procedure for the Center Users

2.1. One can register with the Center when submitting an identity document. The underage persons (under the age of 14) shall register with the Center in the presence of their legal representative after submitting an identity document of the legal representative.

2.2. The documents to be submitted for registration with the Center:

  • for citizens of the Russian Federation — an internal passport;
  • for foreign citizens — a passport of a foreign citizen;
  • for the persons conscripted for military or naval service — a military service card.

2.3. A library card is issued to citizens of Russia, foreign citizens and stateless persons based on submitted documents.

2.4. When registering with the Center, the User shall:

  • familiarize himself/herself with the Terms of Use of the Center;
  • familiarize himself/herself with the Contract of Use between the User and the Center and sign it;
  • sign the Consent to Personal Data Processing thereby confirming it;
  • fill in a reader’s questionnaire;
  • submits the following information for registration in the e-database of the Center:
    • surname, name, patronymic;
    • passport details;
    • telephone number, e-mail address;
    • education;
    • place of study;
    • profession;
    • research topic (if the user intends to work with the Document Collection and Multimedia Collection).

2.5. Information provided by the User when filling in registration documents will be treated in a strictly confidential manner. The Center shall use the information about Users only to provide services in compliance with the Federal Law On Personal Information.

2.6. In the event of change of the usual place of residence, place of stay, change of surname, name or patronymic, or receipt of a new passport, the User shall sign a new Contract at the User Registration Desk.

2.7. The library card may not be passed on to another person.

2.8. If a library card is lost, a new library card shall be issued.

3. Rights of the Center Library Card Holders

3.1. A User of the Center shall have the right to:

  • borrow documents from the Collections of the Center to use them at the information hall of the Center;
  • make use of the main free services of the Center, as well as additional services provided by the Center on a paid basis in accordance with the Schedule of Library Charges approved by the order of Director General of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art;
  • get consultations and assistance in searching and selecting information sources;
  • obtain comprehensive information about the Center Collections through the e-catalogue system and other information resources of the Center;
  • search in the database provided by the Center to the users;
  • use computers and other equipment provided for users at the Center;
  • attend and take part in the events organized by the Center for the users;
  • bring laptops, tablet PCs, cell phones into the Center and use personal documents;.

4. Responsibilities and Liability of the Users to the Center

4.1. The User shall:

  • familiarize himself/herself with these Terms when registering with the Center;
  • comply with these Terms;
  • sign a bilateral Contract of Use;
  • show his/her library card when ordering and receiving documents, as well as at the request of the Center employees;
  • inform the User Registration Desk if the library card is lost;
  • use data carriers received from the Center Collections only in specially designated information halls of the Center at the specially equipped workstations for readers;
  • treat with care the data carriers received from the Center Collections;
  • upon receipt of data carriers, look carefully through them and inform the Center employee if any visual defects are found;
  • treat with care the interiors of the premises, technical facilities and property of the Center
  • observe rules regulating public behaviour in the premises of the Center, and ensure that they are observed by other users;
  • respect the working schedule of the Center, maintain order and silence in the premises;
  • leave items like coats/hats/carry-on bags exceeding the size of 20×30 cm at the wardrobe;
  • if a cloak-room ticket is lost a user shall reimburse its compensatory value established by the wardrobe serving company;
  • if a user discontinues to use the Center services the user shall return all outstanding documents checked out to him/her, return his/her library card, and terminate the Contract of Use.

4.2. The User may not:

  • take data carriers owned by the Center out of the Center premises without a respective permission;
  • vandalize print and other data carriers from the Center Collections (cut and tear out pages, make notes, highlight lines, bend over pages, use tracing paper, etc.);
  • pass on his/her library card to other persons and use the library card of another person;
  • bring into the Center and use office equipment (scanners, fax machines and portable copiers) with an exception for notebooks not owned by the Center;
  • use video or audio equipment without permission of the Center employee, take photographs, shoot videos or films;
  • enter nonpublic areas of the Center;
  • use cell phones in the user service areas;
  • distribute any flyers, posters or other advertising items without the permission of the Center administration;
  • conduct excursions, workshops or lectures in the Center without the permission of the Center administration;
  • visit the Center wearing visibly dirty or filthy clothes, or while under the influence of alcohol, toxic substances or drugs;
  • bring food and beverages into the Center and consume them in the user service areas;
  • smoke and drink alcoholic beverages in the premises of the Center;
  • bring weapons, explosives and flammable substances and objects into the premises of the Center;
  • bring animals into the Center.

4.3. In the event of loss/damage of documents, the User shall compensate the Center for the value of the lost data carrier or for the damage caused to the data carrier. When determining the value of the data carrier, its original price (according to the accounting records) shall be taken as a basis.

4.4. Damage shall mean any change in appearance, integrity and internal state of the documents.

4.5. Users who breach these Terms and cause damage to the Center shall be held liable as provided for in the laws of the Russian Federation.

5. Responsibilities of the Center Related to User Services

5.1. The Center shall:

  • keel confidential all personal information of individuals who are the users of the Center in accordance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation On Personal Information;
  • ensure the realization of the rights of users of the Center in compliance with the laws of the Russian Federation, the City of Moscow and these Terms;
  • manage, store and use of documents in accordance with the established rules ensuring their integrity and efficient use;
  • provide conditions to enable users exercise their right to have free access to information and documents from the Center Collections;
  • provide information and bibliographical support to the readers using the cutting-edge information technologies;
  • provide free support and consulting to users of the Center in research and choice of information sources;
  • enable users to use the reference retrieval service and search the database of the Center;
  • provide information on all types of services rendered by the Center;
  • inform about changes in the open and closed hours of the Center and the service procedure by posting relevant information on the website of the Center and in the premises of the Center;
  • ensure quality and high standard of user service, provide necessary amenities and comfort in the premises of the Center;
  • ensure the safety of users in case of emergencies;
  • inform about changes and amendments in these Terms by posting relevant information on the website of the Center and in the premises of the Center.

6. Terms of Use of the Information Hall of the Center

6.1. The Information Hall is the Center’s facility where services are provided to users. The Document Collection and Multimedia Collection halls are a part of the Information Hall. However, these are limited-entry halls (available by previous appointment).

6.2. When requesting data carriers at the Center, users shall show their library card and a request for data carrier.

6.3. A user may show a pending request for data carrier (filled in remotely on the website of the Center) to the employee of the Center, or conduct an independent search of data carriers in the e-catalogue or in the Collection of the Center, with an exception of the Multimedia Collection, Rare and Precious Publication Collection, and Document Collection.

6.4. Checking out data carriers in an automation mode to the user’s electronic library card:

  • When checking out or returning data carriers, the user’s library card with a bar code or RFID-tag shall be considered equivalent to the user’s handwritten signature;
  • Data carrier check out shall be conducted by an employee of the service department by scanning bar-codes or RFID-tags of the loaned data carriers or manually;
  • The Center and the User acknowledge the accuracy of information about the checked out, renewed and returned data carriers contained in the electronic library card;
  • When registering data carriers electronically, the User has the right to view records in his/her electronic library card.

6.5. The number of documents checked out per day shall not be limited.

6.6. Data carriers from the Rare and Precious Publication Collection and the Document Collection, as well as materials from the Multimedia Collection may be checked out for the on-site use only, at the Information Hall of the Center.

6.7. Data carriers from the Rare and Precious Publications Collection may not be copies or scanned; materials from the Document Collection and Multimedia Collection may be copied only with the permission of the Center employees.

6.8. Data carriers may be requested for the use at the Information Hall no later than 30 minutes before the end of the Center business hours.

6.9. The User shall return the borrowed data carriers 15 minutes before the end of the Center business hours.

6.10. Data carriers must not be taken out of the Center premises.

7. Final Provisions

7.1. These Terms of Use of the Center shall have the effect of a contract in compliance with Article 428 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

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