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Natasha Ganelina’s playlist for the exhibition “We Treasure Our Lucid Dreams”

Natasha Ganelina of DJ trio Ha•HaBiBi and Hocus Pocus creative and video production group has put together a playlist inspired by the exhibition “We Treasure Our Lucid Dreams.”

In this playlist I have brought together composers and musicians whose work I think would make a good soundtrack for the exhibition “We Treasure Our Lucid Dreams.” I have chosen to focus on artists from Russia, the Soviet Union, and the former Soviet republics.

Along with works by the mid-twentieth-century Kazakh composer and virtuoso dombra player Abdimomyn Zheldibaev and the early twentieth-century Armenian choirmaster, composer, priest, music and folklore historian Komitas, the playlist features tracks by contemporary musicians, including Burago and Nocow from the GOST ZVUK label, Rassvet label curator Pasha Milyakov (Buttechno), sisters Karina and Lusia Kazaryan (KP Transmission and Margenrot), and Russian-American electronic musician and producer Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never).

Essentially, this mix is a journey through mystical worlds toward a better  understanding of oneself and the world. It revolves around the themes of constant inner struggle; the attempt to remain human in the most difficult situations; the endless process of choosing between ego and altruism; and the long path toward the good, where each of us should collect kind thoughts, words, and actions and answer in the afterlife not only for our own soul but share responsibility for the fate of the world with all other humans. It considers the inevitability of death and that it can only be overcome through love, with the main thing being to remain true to ourselves and understand that light comes from within.

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