Field Research: A Progress Report


From 12 June 2015 to 23 August 2015



Established in 2013, Garage Field Research is the first cross-disciplinary platform in a contemporary art museum in Russia. Generated by the interests of artists, curators, and writers working around the world, the program gives a new perspective on overlooked or little-known events, philosophies, places, or people relating to Russian culture.

Each research project lasts 1-3 years and has no predetermined outcome, but there are regular public presentations charting the progress of each initiative from the point of view of the participating artists and curators, as well as seminars with specialists to provide a broader context for each initiative.

For the opening of the new Garage building, the four current Field Research projects are being presented at various stages of development:

– Saving Bruce Lee: African and Arab Cinema in the Era of Soviet Cultural Diplomacy (A Prologue) by Koyo Kouoh and Rasha Salti
– Black Square XVII by Taryn Simon
– This is Cosmos by Anton Vidokle
– Face-to-Face: The American National Exhibition in Moscow, 1959/2015 by Тhe Museum of American Art in Berlin

The program was initiated by Garage Chief curator Kate Fowle and is currently led by Garage curators Snejana Krasteva and Katia Inozemtseva.