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Expanded Cinema. Part II






The space that equally belongs to visual art and cinema has for twelve years been a subject for analysis and discussion for the MIFF Media Forum participants – artists, filmmakers, art- and film critics. This year the organizers of this programme have realized probably the most grand-scale project in Media Forum’s history on border-line cinema and video art aesthetics.

The central part of this project is the Expanded Cinema exhibition. Its first part opens on June 13th 2011 at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the second part on June 24th 2011 at the Garage Centre for Contemporary Culture.

The exhibition at the Garage will consist of three video installations by the recognized masters of video art: the British artist and filmmaker Isaac Julien, the Finnish artist Eija-Liisa Ahtila and the Chinese artist Yang Fudong. Their work is eagerly accepted at the most prestigious film festivals, their exhibitions are held at world’s major museums – the Tate Modern (London), the Centre Pompidou (Paris), MoMA (New York). This common interest of the worlds of cinema and art towards the works of these artists marks their belonging to the border-line aesthetics of “expanded cinema” which is the Media Forum theme this year.

Organizers of the MIFF Media Forum: MediaFest and MediaArtLab Centre for art and culture.

Co-organized by: the Garage Centre for Contemporary Culture, Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

With the support of: Royal Netherlands Embassy, Mondriaan Foundation, Goethe Institute in Moscow, Japan Foundation

Curator of the exhibition projects – Olga Shishko (art historian, curator, director and founder of the MediaArtLab, director of the MIFF Media Forum)

Co-curator: Kirill Razlogov (art historian, professor, director of the Russian Institute for Cultural Research, art director of the MIFF)

Producer of the exhibition project – Elena Rumyantseva (programme director of the MediaArtLab and the MIFF Media Forum).

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