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Art Experiment. The Miracle of Light


From 2 January 2019 to 13 January 2019




Age limit — 6+

On January 7, 1839, physicist François Arago introduced the French Academy of Sciences to the inventions of Louis Daguerre and Nicéphore Niépce and presented a photograph made in a camera obscura, announcing that light would now be “an obedient painter of everything it touches.” That day went down in history as the birthday of photography.

Garage invites visitors of all ages to take part in the interactive project Art Experiment. The Miracle of Light. Celebrating the 180th anniversary of the invention of photography, the latest iteration of Art Experiment brings visitors closer to the miracle of “writing” with light (the word photograph comes from the Greek Φωτός meaning “light” and γράφω meaning “to write”).

First launched in 2010, Art Experiment is the flagship initiative of Garage Education and Public Programs. Each year’s project differs from the previous one, but the visitor experience is always central. The 9th Art Experiment is organized as a journey through the museum. It takes visitors inside a real camera obscura, where they can learn all about the simple laws of physics that determine the behavior of light in space (installation by artist and architect Kirill Ass); demonstrates how discoveries in the field of chemistry made it possible to fix “light” images; and shows how the first cameras were made, in an animation film produced for Art Experiment by artist and director Daniil Zinchenko.  

As the tour continues, visitors can get more involved. In the Pinhole Workshop they will use matchboxes to make pinhole cameras that work without a lens. In the Cyanotype Workshop they will learn one of the oldest photographic printing techniques, based on the use of light-sensitive chemicals, and make an image to take home. DADA Lab is a red-light room where every visitor can become an avant-garde artist and experiment with photograms, a technique invented by the Dada movement. The journey ends at Frozen Light, a photographic studio where long exposure creates the strangest forms. Visitors are welcome to take home any work they make at Art Experiment.

Photographs produced in the Frozen Light studio within Art Experiment. Miracle of Light will be available to download here the day after your visit. Remember the date and time of your visit to quickly find your works. 

Art Experiment. The Miracle of Light is organized by Ekaterina Lazareva, Garage curator. The interactive areas were developed with the help of artist and photography teacher Lyudmila Zinchenko.


Adults — 800 rubles
Students (18–25)*— 700 rubles
GARAGE cardholders — 650 rubles (20% off)
Children (7–17)* — 600 rubles
Large families (three or more children)* — 400 rubles

Children under 6
Visitors with disabilities, with one carer
International Council of Museums (ICOM) members
International Committee for Museums and Collections of Modern Art (CIMAM) members
Sotheby’s Preferred Card
JTI Culture Card


To book members’ tickets, call +7 (499) 345-10-00 or email Booked tickets must be paid for no later than 30 minutes before the screening.

Please take a look at the guidelines before taking part in Art Experiment.

*With relevant documentation or ISIC card