18 September 2016


The Yury Yaremchuk Quartet will play Coltrane’s Ogunde, Impressions and Seraphic Light, and Yury Yaremchuk’s Tribute to John Coltrane.

Yury Yaremchuk is a composer, multi-instrumentalist (saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet) and one of the key representatives of the contemporary non-formal musical scene of the last twenty years. He has taken part in many jazz and contemporary improvisation music festivals, actions and happenings. His clear and pure improvisation style features original phrasing, melodies and tones. His preferred styles are free jazz, avant-garde jazz and contemporary improvisation.  Yaremchuk has played with Claudia Binder and Markus Eichenberger (Switzerland), Ken Vandermark, Fred Frith, Hamid Drake, William Parker, David Rampis and Tim Daisy (USA), Heinz-Erich Goedecke, Hans Schutler and Klaus Kugel (Germany), Michel Doneda and Frédéric Blondi (France), Tatsuya Nakatani (Japan), Magnus Broo (Sweden), Joachim Mencel and Mikołaj Trzaska (Poland), Sergey Letov, Vladislav Makarov, Umezu Kazutoki (Japan), Alexander Nesterov (Ukraine), Arkady Shilkloper, Andrey Razin and the Second Approach, and Sax Mafia.



Irakli Dolidze: double bass

Irakli Sanadiradze: percussion, drums

Alexey Nadzharov: keyboards


Concert ticket—400 rubles

Festival ticket (all events) —2000 rubles

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Admission for seniors—200 rubles. Festival ticket (all events) —2100 rubles*

Admission for visitors with disabilities—200 rubles. Festival ticket (all events) —1050 rubles*

Admission for one assistant accompanying a disabled visitor—200 rubles. Festival ticket (all events) —1050 rubles*


*With relevant documentation.

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