Workshops featuring artist Linda Vigdorčika: Family Histories


What is your grandparents’ favorite game? Can you imagine that they didn’t have any devices to play with and they played a lot of games without any objects at all? You will get a chance to find it out during this workshop.

Children will be invited to interview their grandparents about their childhood memories—about the games they played and the toys they had. After the interview, the children, together with their grandparents, will make a design for a game or a toy and will be able to make this together.

Linda Vigdorčika wants to create an opportunity for children to learn from their grandparents about the history of various toys and games as well as family history and encourage discussion about the differences between their world and that of their grandparents' childhood, thus fostering empathy. The artist believes that it will be useful for kids as well as for their grandparents.


Linda Vigdorčika (b. 1986, Riga) is a practicing artist, mainly working with installation. She graduated from Chelsea College of Arts in London and for the past two years has developed the educational program at kim? Contemporary Art Centre in Riga as well as actively engaging in the discussion about the importance of art education. She lives and works in Riga.


 Free admission with advance registration.

This workshop is meant for children and their grandparents.

The workshop is accessible to deaf and hard of hearing visitors and will be translated into Russian Sign Language.