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Workshops featuring artist Linda Vigdorčika: An interview with the other me

Bureau des transmissions
30 March 2019


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be another person? Have you ever wanted to change something in yourself or have you ever wanted, just for a day, to feel how it feels to be a different person?? One of the best ways to do it—to play a game and put on a mask!

During the workshop the participants will be invited to make a mask for a character they would like to embody. They will have to come up with the backstory for this character and figure out their character traits and skills and emotional disposition. After they will have created their masks, they will have to embody these characters and give an interview as this character to the audience (friends and family are invited) who will interview them.

Linda Vigdorčika wants to give an opportunity for the participants to develop stories and characters that, through roleplaying, become an important outlet for emotions and ideas. From her experience, storytelling is a very effective way to activate people’s imagination. Sometimes we don't like to express our feelings, unless it's through role-play. This workshop helps to develop public speaking skills, empathy, self-awareness, self-expression, creativity, and encourages dialog between the participants and their audience, friends, and family.


Linda Vigdorčika (b. 1986, Riga) is a practicing artist, mainly working with installation. She graduated from Chelsea College of Arts in London and for the past two years has developed the educational program at kim? Contemporary Art Centre in Riga as well as actively engaging in the discussion about the importance of art education. She lives and works in Riga


 Free admission with advance registration.

This workshop is aimed at teenagers.

The workshop is accessible to deaf and hard of hearing visitors and will be translated into Russian Sign Language.


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