23–24 March 2019


The workshop allows all audiences to get acquainted with the theory of minimalist music and the phenomenon of synesthesia, before creating short musical pieces in minimalist genre.

The workshop will be built around visual examination of the theory of minimalist music. Participants will be able to explore the aesthetics of this genre using some famous minimalist music pieces, their key subject being color as a musical phrase and a phenomenon of synesthesia, a type of sensory experience of color.

The opening day’s workshop is aimed at professionals, including musicians and students of specialized educational institutions in the fields of theory and history of music, design, and other creative disciplines. The participants will be recording original tracks inspired by the legacies of minimalist composers. Addressed to a broader public, the second day’s workshop will feature artworks created during the previous session.


Playtronica is a studio that uses interdisciplinary practices to explore new types of interaction between man and technology via sound.

Playtronica’s projects imply immersion into sensory reality where, through playful interaction with the surrounding objects, anyone can openly and creatively explore the possibilities of their own bodies and the world around. This level of interaction does not imply division onto the viewer and the artwork, since every participant of this type of communication contributes to the creation of a live and constantly changing space.

Playtronica projects have been exhibited at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, and Solyanka Gallery VPA (Moscow), Exploratorium (San Francisco), and Centre Georges Pompidou and Palais de Tokyo (Paris). In 2019 Playtronica has run workshops at the Royal College of Art, London, the London College of Communication, and Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny d’Olot, Girona, Spain.

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