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Workshop. A Place in the City: Producing Your Own Space

Lecture Cycle. Alexander Bikbov: The City from the Inside
18 июля 2017


This master class is devoted to the practical aspects of producing common spaces in a big city.

Big Russian cities are often vast alienated territories with occasional islands of community or family spaces. Noncommercial public spaces created by unconventional communal regimes and critical solidarity are especially rare and precious. Creation of public spaces, platforms, and squats requires a finding a delicate balance between the space and community needs. During this master class, Dom kultury Delai sam/a, Anton Polsky, and Alexander Bidin will share their experience of creating community spaces, discuss the problems their organizers might face and how to overcome them. They will talk about the life of communities that appropriate city spaces through creative and critical initiatives, as well as those communities’ relations with authorities, the capital and between themselves.


Anton Polsky (Make) is an artist and academic interested in street art and socially engaged art practices. He teaches Art History at the Russian State University for the Humanities and is a co-founder and editor at

Alexander Bidin is a media activist, participant of Agenda Collective. He is among the organizers of the campaign against the amendment of Russian laws concerning intellectual property.

Asya Filippova is director at the Center for Creative Industries Fabrika. She headed Oktyabr Factory of Non-Printing Paper until 2003. Since its opening, CCI Fabrika has hosted about 200 contemporary art exhibitions. It also runs the programs Artist in Residence and Fabrika Workshops, as well as collaborative projects with the Russian State University for the Humanities: Curating and Enter and Solve. CCI Fabrika is a member of international networks Trans Europe Halles, ResArtis and TransArtists.


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