This research project conducted by the Danish collective Wooloo will commence the creation of a new social sculpture, referencing the thematic scope of the exhibition The Coming World: Ecology as the New Politics. 2030–2100, but also stretching beyond the limits of time and space allocated for the show.

Adhering to the strategy of live action practice by avoiding symbolic gestures on the territory of art, Wooloo initiates the emergence of the Human Hotel community in Moscow which will unite artists, activists, and visionaries with their international colleagues.

Wooloo’s first experience of direct engagement in the global environmental movement was the UN COP15 Climate Summit in their native Copenhagen in 2009, where, as an alternative to fully packed and overpriced hotels, the collective organized an informal network of house owners who provided homestays for over 3000 climate activists from across the world. By radically changing the collective’s practice this large-scale exercise in social cooperation laid the basis for the ongoing social sculpture—the Human Hotel community, which connects traveling artists who need accommodation with hosts from local art communities. Shifting focus from conventional exhibition representation to direct involvement in the everyday, in particular—in the creation of an effective mechanism for the global community of eco activists, Wooloo is aiming to reorient our creative and organizational energy towards environmental issues that have become even more crucial in the past decade.

Within the project’s Moscow iteration, the collective will meet with local ecological and cultural organizations and experts, before using a specially developed algorithm for launching a territorial branch of Human Hotel that is set to become a platform for future travels, meetings and cooperation of like-minded people, both locally and globally.

Over time, Human Hotel’s self-learning algorithm will be adjusting and refining the behavioral models of thousands of “eco responsible” travelers and in the future will be able to not only predict our personal choices—but also intervene into them by suggesting “routes” more suitable for us (and generally, for our planet).

Status: 2019

Researchers: Wooloo


Wooloo (est. 2002) is a Copenhagen based collective working in the field of social sculpture. Its practice embraces environmental design, organizational initiatives and game structures. Wooloo contributed to a number of major exhibitions, including the 4th Athens Biennale (2013), 6th Momentum Biennial, Moss, Norway (2011), Manifesta 8, Murcia, Spain (2010), and the 3rd Guangzhou Triennial (2008).


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