Wim Delvoye – Marc Quinn: Postmodernism and Posthuman

11 June 2014
Wednesday, 19:30


Mark Quinn (b. 1964) emerged from the group that has become known since the 1990s as the "Young British Artists." Quinn often takes real people as his subjects, sometimes those who have intentionally subjected themselves to, or been the unintentional victims of, physical transformation: his search is for the boundaries of the human. Quinn shocks not only through form but also through his media, implementing such biological materials in his works as his own blood and frozen flowers.
Belgian artist Wim Delvoye (b. 1965) is known for his provocative pieces, which are pleasing to the eye from afar yet shock when inspected closely. He works in the realm of the absurd and the kitsch, speculating on traditional notions of beauty and the value of art and using decorative elements for far from decorative purposes. His use of materials in his works is both masterful and ironic: from creating a machine for producing excrement, to his employment of baroque carvings on machines for agricultural manufacture.


Irina Kulik is an art critic, cultural studies expert, PhD, lecturer at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA Moscow), the author of numerous publications on contemporary art, cinema and modern music. 

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