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21 November 2020


BKB’s new work focuses on short videos shared over social media that produce a particular kind of effect: meant to move or shock the viewer; they make part of the internet dataflow and contemporary fast-paced fluid consumption. We have seen something that has excited us, but we have already opened a new tab.

“When we repost something,” BKB argue, “we forward it to our friends or followers, saying, here, this exists in reality. But what do they do with it?” What Do We Do, or The Panda Sneezes Twice is an attempt to slow the dataflow down, convert its elements into a score, and replay it in a materialized form, offering viewers an opportunity to physically, kinaesthetically, and conceptually re-live what we are used to seeing as internet routine. Whether or not it will open up access to what is really going on, this performance should definitely help us get a clearer understanding of our current state of things.

A discussion will follow the sixty-minute performance.


BKB is an art group founded in 2019. They re-enact artworks, create performances, and reconstruct public events using various methods of teamwork and experimental communication inside the collective. Participants: Arseny Balakirev, Anna Brandush, Egor Dvinyanin, Ira Karpusheva, Alek Petuk, Tatyana Sukhareva, Saba Uspine, Lyuba Yagdanova.


This is an online event. The date and time will be published shortly.

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