27 October 2018


Walid Sadek will share his thoughts on the role of victim in our understanding of history. 

Signs abound: the contemporary historical stage exhibits a surfeit of victims. The material of history is obfuscated by a dominant monologue of victimhood beholden to the promise of a future liberated from all that is unfinished in the past. How are we to think historically again? How do we give form to an aesthetico-political subjectivity unreconciled with the end of history? And how is the desire for a dialogue between an unreconciled victim and an unreconciled perpetrator made to begin? Notes towards a theory of the neo-victim gathers telling texts and films from Lebanon to think and theorize these pressing questions.



Walid Sadek is an artist and writer based in Beirut. Professor and chair of the department of Fine Arts and Art History at the American University of Beirut. His recent artworks and written texts seek a poetics for a sociality governed by the logic of protracted war and search for eruptive temporalities to challenge that same protractedness. His earlier work investigates the familial legacies of the Lebanese civil war. He posits, mostly in theoretical texts, ways of understanding the complexity of lingering civil strife in times of relative social and economic stability, he also proposes a theory for a post-war society disinclined to resume normative living.

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