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Vita Khlopova. Judson Dance Theater: The Pioneers of American Postmodern Dance

SOTA@GARAGE. Mass vs. Multitude: Alternative Spaces. Theory
24 March 2016


This lecture is devoted to the rise of postmodern American dance, which came about in the second half of the 20th century.

Tired of the constraints of modern dance, a group of students from Robert Ellis Dunn’s experimental composition class decided to look for an alternative way of expressing their emotions through movement; in the end, they invented what came to be known as postmodern dance. In postmodern dance, every movement was dance and every person a dancer. In her lecture, Vita Khlopova will speak about the key representatives of the movement and show some of their seminal works. 


Vita Khlopova is a contemporary dance scholar. After graduating in theater studies from the Russian Academy of Theater Arts (GITIS) and completing two Master’s programs at the Sorbonne, she now continues her postgraduate studies at the Research Institute of Art Studies in Russia and at Paul Verlaine University in France. She has taught the history of contemporary dance at GITIS, the British Higher School of Art and Design, and SOTA 2015. She is the creator of No Fixed Points.

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