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Viktor Misiano

5 November 2013


November 5, 7:30 pm
Viktor Misiano

Curator and art historian, as well as Moscow Art Magazine's founder and editor-in-chief, Viktor Misiano was one of the key figures on the Moscow artistic scene in the 1990s. His major curating achievements include such discursive projects as Visual Anthropology Workshop, Hamburg Project, and INTERPOL, all attempting to defy traditional museum exhibition practices. In parallel with curating art projects, Misiano has been working on the establishment of the first Russian magazine to cover contemporary art exclusively. During the talk, he discusses his past and current projects in detail.

Admission is free.

Sasha Obukhova (born 1967) is an art historian and member of the Kandinsky Award expert board. She worked at Moscow Contemporary Art Institute, Tretyakov Gallery, and State Center for Contemporary Art. Since 2012 Sasha Obukhova has been heading Garage research department.


1. Viktor Misiano. Photo courtesy of Mikhail Mikhalchuk.

2. Gor Chahal's artwork, 1991, Aesthetic Experiences exhibition, Kuskovo Museum Estate, Moscow.

3. Andrey Filippov, SPQR, installation, 1991, Aesthetic Experiences exhibition, Kuskovo Museum Estate, Moscow.



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