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Urban Self-Expression Headquarters Public Day

27 February 2021


In the constant flow of news and events, dressed up in classical looks and long-invented roles, we often forget how to hear ourselves and lose the ability to create alternative forms of reality, which go beyond generally accepted patterns of behavior and perception.

Through the exploration of urban spaces and the possibilities of self-realization therein, Urban Self-Expression Headquarters members discovered that citizens of various ages and occupations have long stopped considering themselves actors in public processes, whether creative, social or political. Analyzing their own experiences and sensations, Headquarters representatives embarked on the study of subjectivity as a form of independent and self-developed action, which tends to be condemned by public institutions of various kinds.

Fear, Shame, Doubt (FSD) are the three main subjects that Headquarters members suggest discussing with Garage visitors. Drawing on the ideas of relational aesthetics and actively seeking the creation of alternative forms of social relations, they aim to develop a dialogue that helps to answer the main question: “At which moments do I feel that I am living my life and can act?” This conceptual framework is a direct reaction to events taking place in Russia in 2021. Going out into public spaces and trying to work through their own fears about public self-expression, Headquarters members came to the conclusion that meeting oneself and looking for one’s subjectivity is less stressful within a circle of associates in a welcoming space.

The Headquarters welcomes everyone who is ready to encounter themselves and reveal their subjectivity through performative practices.


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