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Towards a transformative gallery education. A lecture by microsillons group

16 November 2018


The Swiss artists’ group will discuss innovative in-gallery education.

Since the mid-2000s curatorial projects around education have multiplied (a process described by Irit Rogoff as “The Educational Turn in Curating”). In parallel, some gallery educators—with the will to reclaim practices that they saw reappropriated by curators—developed new discourses on gallery education. 

The artists’ collective microsillons, whose collaborative work integrates strategies coming from critical pedagogies and who took part to the debate around gallery education in the last ten years, will present examples of its practice, with the goal of showing the different levels of participation possible in artistic-pedagogical projects. 

Throughout the presentation, the idea of transformative gallery education will be discussed and the term “agonistic gallery education” proposed, as a way to rethink educational practices in cultural frameworks. 


microsillons — founded in 2005 in Geneva by Marianne Guarino-Huet and Olivier Desvoignes, the microsillons collective develops collaborative art projects opening a reflexion about the social role of art and calling for the use of critical and feminist pedagogies in cultural practices. The collective collaborated with many cultural institutions, in Switzerland and internationally, including the Centre d’art Le 116 (Montreuil), VANSA (Johannesburg), WYSPA Institute (Gdansk) or the Centre d’art Contemporain Genève, where it was in charge of the gallery education projects between 2008 and 2010. Microsillons is currently responsible of the TRANS– Art–Education–Engagement Master at the Geneva University of art and design (HEAD). Marianne Guarino-Huet is a doctoral researcher at the Chelsea College of Art & Design London and Olivier Desvoignes was awarded a PhD by that same institution in 2015. 


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