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Tours and workshops for blind and deaf-blind visitors to Rashid Johnson’s installation Within Our Gates

Public program accompanying Rashid Johnson's exhibition Within Our Gates
13 May – 31 August 2016


Garage is proud to add free tours and workshops for blind and deaf-blind visitors to Rashid Johnson’s installation Within Our Gates. A brief tour will introduce visitors to the concept of installation and show them how artists can express themselves with the help of everyday objects.

Rashid Johnson's installation Within Our Gates, currently on show in Garage Atrium, is a tall grid structure housing a living tropical ecosystem. Consisting of plants, sculpture, video, sound, and everyday objects, the labyrinth is open to all visitors and appeals to all human senses.

Tour participants will get a brief introduction, and will get the chance to discuss the issue of responsibility in art; they will also find out why Rashid Johnson has used living plants.

Deaf-blind and blind visitors are also invited to make Biedermeier flower arrangements with sponge bases in the shape of iconic 20th century artworks in a workshop run by a florist and a Garage guide. Participants will learn about the symbolism of plants and how a flower arrangement can become an artistic statement, and are welcome to take their creations home with them.

The Biedermeier technique allows us to make the best use of the entire plant and create elaborate spatial compositions with just a few flowers. Participants of the workshop will also learn how to replace rare plants used by professional florists with the local ones that are easily available and seasonal.


For visitors ages 11+

Duration of the tour: 90 minutes

Duration of the workshop: 20 minutes
The tour is free for disabled visitors with proof of disability, and one carer.

Advance booking required, please call +7 (985) 252-47-24 or email at least 3 days in advance until the end of the exhibition on August 31.

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