The podcast Dialogue with a Teenager


This is the podcast Dialogue with a Teenager by Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, hosted by Museum staff Masha Shchekochikhina and Marina Romanova.

The new season comprises five episodes in which the hosts discuss with teenagers, parents, educators, and psychologists how to build a dialogue with a young person, how to be caring and attentive, how to design programs for teens, and how to talk about complex topics such as health, coming of age, and sexuality.

The presenters of the podcast believe that there is no such thing as a “perfect” teenager. They aim to fight stereotypes and encourage understanding and mutual respect in a world of diversity.

The podcast is recorded in Russian, with transcripts also published in Russian.

Presenters and producers: Masha Shchekochikhina and Marina Romanova
Editing and mixing: Evgenia Shuvalova and Dmitry Stepanov (@mosaichorse)
Cover design: Darya Osipova

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