The Physical World and the Language of Computer Simulation. An Artist talk by Sara Culmann


From 29 June 2018




Garage LAB


Artist Sara Culmann will present her works C.A.R.R.I.E and Props for Daily Misunderstanding and speak about the use of gaming technology in contemporary art. She will explain the structure and language of computer simulation and investigate its special relationship with the world of objects and matter.

Sara Culmann makes art using video game technology: a game engine (a software development environment for building video games) and 3D graphics. Both works she will discuss in the lecture invite the viewer to rethink the world of matter and objects that surround us. The inanimate world, which we are used to seeing from a utilitarian, consumer’s point of view, becomes an independent environment that lives a life of its own and is held together by its own unique connections. Culmann explores the political and social sensibilities of objects, their silent actions and interactions with humans and other objects, as well as the similarities and differences between our physical reality and digital worlds and the relationship between them. 3D simulation acts as an intermediary between the two kinds of environment.

Listeners will learn about video game technology and devices used by the artist and see how their functions and features change in an artwork.


Sara Culmann is a media artist. She studied at Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry and Rodchenko Art School, and in 2012 completed a video art course taught by Provmyza Group from Nizhny Novgorod. She works with time-based media—found footage, 3D animation and computer games—as well as graphics and objects. Her work has been featured at the Moscow International Biennale for Young Art (2014) and in exhibitions at ISSMAG Gallery, Skolkovo Gallery and Studio, MMOMA, and Electromuseum.


Free admission with advance registration