The performance “Seating Protocol”


House Plant Theater compares theater to an eco-system. House Plant Theater is interested in horizontal relationships within groups and art collectives, the possibility of public self-reflection, the therapeutic effect of art, and in house plant rights.

House Plant Theater will present its debut stage production on November 29. While the company’s previous projects had no temporal duration, this new piece is a literal theater performance, where people will play props, plants will become the spectators, and both people and plants will act. To feel like a plant, actor, or prop, to bring a friend and get completely different experiences—all this will be available to the participants of the show Seating Protocol at Garage Auditorium.

House Plant Theater doesn’t have a permanent building or theater group, it is involved in collaborations with various directors. To work on its debut performance, the theater has invited Lyuba Strizhak, dramaturge and resident of Gogol-Center, and Shifra Kazhdan, artist and author of the texts.


Free admission with advance registration.


Participants should bring a working mobile phone connected to the Internet with them. Lines and side notes will be sent via a link they will receive upon registering for the event.

Estimated duration: one hour.