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The performance "Actor's Work on…"

27 September 2020


Garage Screen summer cinema will host the staging of the performance "Actor's Work on…" based on Polina Sineva's play A Foreign Voice.

In Polina Sineva's play A Foreign Voice, a film producer is shooting a remake of Mikhail Bogin's short Two (1965) for a charitable project, in which a hearing young man falls in love with a deaf girl. Everything should turn out in the best way: the main role is going to be played by a rising movie star. A hard of hearing actress is hired to consult and assist her. But something goes wrong…

In the performance staged by Elena Smorodinova, Moscow theaters actors, together with hard of hearing actors from Nedoslov Theater, apply the situation described in the play to themselves, confessing their own fears and trying to answer questions dealing with the notion of "scenic truth," which implies that it is easier to "teach" a hearing actor than to work immediately with a deaf one. They are also aiming to understand what it takes to really hear the other.

A winning project of Meyerhold Center's 2016 Blackbox Experimental Projects Competition, the performance was pre-premiered at the Stanislavsky Electrotheater in October 2019.

  • Playwright: Polina Sineva
  • Director: Elena Smorodinova
  • Scenic designer: Aleksandra Alekseeva
  • Video: Victoria Lebed
  • Media artist: Marie Sokol
  • Composer and sound designer: Leonid Imennykh
  • Lighting designer: Sergey Vasilyev
  • Actors: Ekaterina Dar, Alexander Dmitriev, Anastasia Kozhemyakina, Maria Rumyantseva, Alexey Sidorov, Polina Sineva
  • The performance will take place in Russian and Russian Sign Language.


Free admission with advance registration.


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