The Hidden and the Absent: Moscow Conceptual Art School's Images of Emptiness vs. the American "Art of Ideas" Tradition

18 October 2013


Sasha Obukhova puts Moscow Conceptual Art School images of emptiness, such as Ilya Kabakov's The Empty Painting and the "emptiness canon" of the Medical Hermeneutics Inspection group, in the context of the American "Art of Ideas." Like his Russian counterparts, Baldessari evokes an ambivalent emptiness in his work that alternates between positive cultural influence and menacing black hole, sucking up reality.


Sasha Obukhova is head of Research at Garage. In 2000 she was involved in curating the permanent exhibition on the Art of the Second Half of the 20th Century for Tretyakov Gallery. Four years later she became co-founder and director of the Art Projects Foundation and established the foundation's ACRA (Archive of Contemporary Russian Art), which later formed the basis from which Garage Archive is developing.

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