Garage Game Club: Post-Apocalypse and dystopia

Like the exhibition The Coming World, post-apocalyptic video games look into life after a planetary disaster and offer various scenarios for survival after our usual environment and social order have disappeared.

Apocalypse in this context does not mean the end of the world as such, but rather the end of life as we know it, a paradigm shift. Post-apocalyptic life is often imagined as dystopian because the apocalypse is brought about by humanity’s destructive wat of life, which is an important lesson for survivors.

The apocalypse offers humans an opportunity to look back at their mistakes, discard their history, and choose a more mindful, natural, environmentally and human-oriented development scenario in a space free from the rules of the past. Often, the path that the protagonist has to take lies through chaos, new extremes, and anti-human regimes.

The Void

Ice-Pick Lodge, 2018

Filled with symbolism and philosophy, this role-playing game is set in the dark, dangerous world between life and death. The player needs to collect color, which represents life energy, to survive and be reincarnated.

Pathologic 2

Ice-Pick Lodge, 2018

The sequel to Pathologic (2005) is a survival thriller set in an ancient steppe town consumed by a deadly plague.

This War of Mine

11 bit studios, 2014

Inspired by the Siege of Sarajevo (1992–1996), this survival game is focused on the civilian experience of surviving in a besieged city during a violent civil war. 


Playdead, 2016 

The protagonist of this atmospheric puzzle platformer is a boy trying to survive in a dystopian world.