Garage Game Club: Other life forms

Conversations about ecology and protecting the environment require a shift of focus from humans to non-human life forms.

Seeing the world from the point of view of another creature or even an inanimate object helps us to reconsider our values, understand the true needs of our planet, and establish a healthier and more honest relationship between humans and nature. It is difficult to imagine a better way of switching perspectives than by playing a video game.

Along with real non-human agents, game developers often turn to imaginary life forms such as vampires, hybrid creatures of the future, aliens or creatures with a different chemical make-up. The use of non-human characters may help us overcome our anthropocentrism, broaden our horizons, and try to imagine how humans might react to an encounter with a creature from an alien world.


Amanita Design and Jaromir Plachy, 2011

Controlling a protagonist who can be a glow-worm, a mushroom, a poppy capsule, a twig or a feather, players explore various locations inside a tree, solve puzzles, and try to save the last seed from evil parasites.

Another World

The Digital Lounge and Éric Chahi

As a result of an experiment gone wrong, a young physicist finds himself in a different dimension, where he has to use all his resourcefulness to fight the hostile creatures that inhabit the alien universe. This is a re-release of the cult platformer action-adventure game made in 1991.

Orchids to Dusk

Pol Clarissou, 2015

This short, contemplative wandering experience invites the player to think about the fleeting nature of life and the acceptance of death while controlling an astronaut who is living the last minutes of his life on an alien planet.

Even the Stars

Pol Clarissou, 2014

Experience the fast pace of time and everlasting loneliness while traveling through space in this meditative contemplative game.

Mu Cartographer

Titouan Millet, 2016

In this indie game by French media artist Titouan Millet, players search for life on Mars: walking, running or driving a retro car and enjoying spectacular views.