The Coming World eco branch with Alexandra Novikova and Garage


From 16 November 2019


Branch start 12:00 Discussion start 12:30


Garage Rooftop
The Coming World eco branch with Alexandra Novikova and GarageThe Coming World eco branch with Alexandra Novikova and Garage


Garage team and the founder of the projects How to Green and How to Eat, Alexandra Novikova, have united to promote initiatives that draw our attention to critical ecological problems in many areas, including the food industry.

The title of the branch is a reference to the exhibition The Coming World: Ecology as the New Politics 2030–2100 which is currently on show at Garage displaying over 50 works on ecology and future from artists across the globe.

“It is important for me to run this branch and bring together some of the leading experts in the fields of ecology and gastronomy, thus instigating a discussion of environmental trends of the future and the food industry in Russia and other countries, and define what is worth knowing about products and packaging,” says Alexandra Novikova. “I am hopeful that all guests will leave with a new understanding of these issues, based on real facts and accurate information”.

In conversation with Alexandra Novikova and the founder of Pops Sustainable Development Company Roman Selivan will be the chefs and co-owners of the restaurants Twins Garden and Wine&Crab Ivan and Sergey Berezutsky; anthropologist, ecologist and founder of the project The Epoch of Anthropocene Pavel Boev; journalist Ilya Varlamov; and co-founder of IKRA Gastronomic Festival and Garage patron Kseniya Tarakanova. The speakers will discuss how a healthy lifestyle and eco trends affect the menus of restaurants and cafes and why the production of non-eco-friendly foods does not include the costs of its impact on the environment and health. They will also touch upon the role of the mass media and bloggers in the development of new eating habits and why it is important to know the history of products, as well as how they get “from nature to the plate”. Finally, they will reflect on what the food of the future might be and what could and should be done with the leftover food in restaurants.

Guests will be offered a special menu designed by Alexandra Novikova and the team at Garage. It includes a brioche with halibut, spelt, and seasonal vegetable salad; pumpkin pancakes; and a sugar-free dessert with raspberry and coconut ice-cream. All dishes are eco conscious and will be cooked by Garage Café chef Aleksey Bagreev and the chef of the restaurant Vаниль Aleksey Belikov, who have chosen local and seasonal ingredients aiming to reduce the negative impact on ecology. Selected dishes from the special menu will be available at Garage Café after the branch.


Several invitations to the branch will be given away via Instagram by Alexandra Novikova.