Tell Me a Story. A lecture by Polina Sineva

Bureau des transmissions
28 March 2019


Accompanying the project Bureau des transmissions, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art will hold a lecture on storytelling as an effective way to translate information into a sign language narrative. By appealing to feelings as much as intellect, storytelling facilitates understanding and assimilation of material by both deaf or hard of hearing people and the hearing.

Scriptwriter Polina Sineva will define the genre of storytelling using its oldest iteration—myth— as her example, and will suggest discussing the universal mythological structure of The Hero’s Journey, according to Joseph Campbell. The group will also learn more about the various takes on the storytelling format, popular in museum programs for deaf and hard of hearing visitors (such as lectures, tours, and videos), and how to practice it in the TED talk medium. Finally, the speaker will touch upon the topic of the introduction of storytelling as a subject into the programs of educational institutions for deaf and hard of hearing students.


Polina Sineva is a scriptwriter, dramaturge, journalist, co-curator of the exhibition Co-thinkers (2016).


Free admission with advance registration.

The event is accessible to hearing visitors, the lecture will be translated into Russian language.


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