Teens Day: Shall We Talk?


From 3 October 2021




Garage Museum of Contemporary Art
Teens Day: Shall We Talk?Teens Day: Shall We Talk?


This summer, pupils from Moscow schools took part in internships held at Garage. Having contributed to the preparation of the public program accompanying the exhibition Thomas Demand. Mirror Without Memory and watched the installation process of the show, they want to share what they have learned. An exhibition can become a free space for dialogue if there is an interlocutor with an experience similar to yours nearby.

On the first Sunday of each month, the internship participants invite everyone to visit the show and discuss Thomas Demand and his work. The teenagers will explain complex things in a simple way and share what worries or makes them happy.

The conversation takes place in the exhibition space and lasts 30 minutes. Participation requires advance registration and a ticket to the show. You can register for one or several sessions.

 October 3, Sunday



Sonya Gililova and Sasha Buglakova will discuss the effect that Thomas Demand's works have on viewers and explain why the artist chooses unobvious moments of famous events, and his photographs create the feeling that something has happened just now literally —but we didn’t have time to see it.




Vlada Belova will touch upon the sense of time in the German artist's practice, upon awareness, and how not to be afraid of building a dialogue with contemporary art.




Anya Tyagunova and Liza Novikova suggest seeing the work of Thomas Demand as an excuse for reflecting on the information space: how we use it—and how it uses us.




Exchange of impressions. Visitors are welcome to come to the Glass Room to discuss what they have seen and heard, exchange impressions, and, possibly, find new friends. The conversation will evolve around how important it is to be heard correctly and why everyone understands the same works by contemporary artists so differently.



Free admission with advance registration.

Meet at the information desk 10 minutes prior to the start.