Swiss Dance on the Path to Independence


Participants will discuss Swiss contemporary dance, and its path toward independence, the projects initiated by the dance community and their dialogue with the state.

They will look at whether the movement to establish dance as an independent discipline was a grassroots initiative, and analyze particular artist’s demands, as well as the institutional landscape, the issues, the new projects and the potential in Swiss dance today.

Historian and expert in cultural management, head of the Moscow branch of Pro Helvetia Anna Arutyunova will take part in the discussion.

Moderator: Dina Khuseyn.

Participants: Boris Brüderlin, Anne Davier, Felizitas Amman, Nicole Seiler, Anna Arutyunova.

Translator: Arina Dolgikh.

Supported by The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.


Dina Khuseyn is a choreographer and dance activist. She graduated in Ballet from the Choreographic Lyceum (Moscow), Dance Academy Rotterdam, and EX.E.R.CE program in experimental choreography (France) under tutor Mathilde Monnier. Since 2005, Khuseyn has been producing works in the realm of contemporary dance, performance, and contemporary art. Often involved in collaborations with artists, directors and theorists, she also initiates her own platforms, festivals, and research projects. Recipient of scholarships from Jardin d’Europe, DanceWEB, and American Dance Festival. She has worked with renowned choreographers as a dancer, including Tino Sehgal, Loïc Touzé, Anouk van Dijk, Philippe Jamet, Regis Obadia, etc. Her own pieces have participated in many European, American, and Russian dance festivals. Based in France since 2009, Khuseyn visits Moscow while working on projects there.

Boris Brüderlin is the head of RESO dance platform (Switzerland) for the promotion of dance as an independent discipline. He studied literature, theatre, history and film aesthetics in Lozanne, Bern and Berlin, and writing for theatre in Leipzig. He has worked as assistant director in Lucerne Theatre and Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne, administrator and dramatist in a number of dance collectives including Kaserne Basel, Gessnerallee Zürich и Dampfzentrale Berne. He has worked in the Culture Office of the Canton of Basel-Stadt.

Anne Davier is the head of ADC in Geneva (the Association for Contemporary Dance founded in 1986 to promote contemporary dance in Geneva) and also the editor in chief of the ADC Journal. She studied literature, then educational sciences and later, arts, dance and performance in Switzerland and France.

Felizitas Amman is the head of Dance and Performance at Pro Helvetia. She studied German literature and art history in Bazel and Berlin, worked as an independent dramatist, theatre researcher and dance and theatre observer. Since 2003 she has worked on a number of local and national projects to develop the dance scene and procure funding for its development.

Nicole Seiler is a choreographer. She studied dance and theater in Switzerland. In 2002, she founded her own company. Along with her work as a choreographer she is interested in cultural policy and over the recent years has been on the board of different associations and foundations such as Pro Helvetia, Danse Suisse, Far-Festival des Arts Vivants. Her artistic approach is largely focused on the relationship between image and video. Her research into video and choreography has led to the creation of innovative works, dance and multimedia, videos, choreographic installations, performances and site-specific works that aim to keep the audience active in their interpretation of the work.

Anna Arutyunova is a historian, expert in contemporary dance and cultural project management. Since 2016, she has been the head of the Moscow Branch of Pro Helvetia—Swiss cultural foundation that supports contemporary culture. She oversees strategic development of Pro Helvetia in Russia and its programs. She has been an editor and art and culture observer for a number of publications including,, The Art Newspaper Russia, and studied cultural economy and art markets. She is the author of the book Art Market in the 21st Century. The Space of Artistic Experiment (in Russian), published in 2015.

Anna Dolgikh is an interpreter from French to Russian. In 2019 she completed a Masters course in cultural management at Paris 8 University. From 2015 to 2017 she collaborated with Institut Français in Russia, including on the Frace Danse project. She has worked as an interpreter at the Avignon Festival and Odeon Theatre and for the companies of the Theatre of Nations and Red Torch.

how to take part

The event is free and will be broadcast on YouTube.

The discussion will be in French and interpreted into Russian.