Summer debate club for the exhibition The Cloud of Misreading


From 3 August 2017




Garage Atrium
Summer debate club for the exhibition <i>The Cloud of Misreading</i>Summer debate club for the exhibition <i>The Cloud of Misreading</i>


Summer Debate Club invites visitors who will try to decipher the works of Raymond Pettibon using the technique of translating of visual information into verbal.

Debate club offers Garage visitors an opportunity to learn more about contemporary art and discuss works on show with other visitors and Garage Education staff.

Participants will practice audio description—or translation of visual information into verbal, which is often used in working with blind and partially sighted visitors. Trying audio description for themselves, people without disabilities often discover aspects of artworks they might have missed at first glance.

Combining text and image, Raymond Pettibon’s work exists at the intersection of various cultural phenomena—from cinema and literature to comics and television—and different historical and cultural contexts.

Participants will try audio description to unravel the ‘cloud’ of messages encoded in Pettibon’s works.

how to take part

Duration: 90 min.

Advance booking required, call +7 985 252-47-24 or e-mail

Free with an exhibition ticket. Admission is free for disabled visitors with one carer.