(Sub)cultural Revolution. A Lecture by Anzor Kankulov


From 15 February 2018




Garage Lounge Zone at UNIQLO Atrium
(Sub)cultural Revolution. A Lecture by Anzor Kankulov(Sub)cultural Revolution. A Lecture by Anzor Kankulov


The joint project by Garage Archive and UNIQLO continues with a lecture by journalist Anzor Kankulov on the ideology of style and trends that capture the spirit of the time.

The history of youth culture of the recent decades is to a great extent a history of subcultures. Rebel or peaceful, based on an ideology or music tastes—each of them had a visual code that allowed its representatives to stand out from the crowd. Starting from the 1970s, subcultures as different as punks, football fans, surfers, and R&B kids influenced the style and defined the spirit of the time. Fashion—as the main means of creating an identity in the contemporary world—has always been sensitive to youth subcultures, borrowing their codes, emblems, and ideas. But do subcultures as we knew them really exist today, in a globalized and digitized world where every new idea is infinitely copied and reproduced in the blink of an eye? As influential stylist Lotta Volkova argues, "there are no subcultures anymore. It’s about the remix." How do subcultures and fashion interact today? How does it work in Russia? The former editor of some of the biggest Russian lifestyle magazines, Anzor Kankulov, shares his professional opinion and experience.



Anzor Kankulov (b. 1968) is a journalist, head of Fashion Program at HSE Art and Design School. He graduated in Philosophy from Moscow State University and been editor-in-chief at OM (1998–2003), Harper’s Bazaar Russia (2007–2009), Black Square (2009–2010) and PORT Russia (2012–2017).



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Free admission with advance registration.
The lecture will be interpreted into Russian Sign Language and is accessible to deaf and hard of hearing visitors.