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Stage performance of the short story “Adar”

Bureau des transmissions
21 March 2019


The performance of “Adar” is structured like a never happening dialogue between two persons from different parts of the world, who feel equally excluded. Rather than addressing freedom, equality, and brotherhood as political categories, the text describes them as forms of sensory experience in the first instance.

The short story is based on a real-life event—the death of the Gambian refugee Pateh Sabally in Venice’s Grand Canal after Pateh was denied renewal of his temporary residence permit in Italy.

The audio performance Fraternité, loosely based on the story, was staged in October 2017 as part of the Research Pavilion project during the Venice Biennale.

The inaugural stage dramatization has been prepared by the text’s author Olga Jitlina together with Vladislava Milovskaya, Ignat Khlobystin, and Daniel Oppong.


Olga Jitlina (b. 1982, Leningrad) is an artist, author of performances and theatrical acts, founder and editor of the Utopian News Agency and the Nasreddin in Russia newspaper. In 2011, together with co-author, human rights advocate Andrey Yakimov, she created a table game about labor migration called Russia is the Country of Possibilities. Since 2014, Jitlina with another artist Anna Tereshkina, a group of labor migrants, and representatives of creative professions have been working on the project Hodja Nasreddin Joke Contest, resulting in the publication of several issues of the newspaper Nasreddin in Russia, and the realization of the project Mobile Discotheque (the latter co-authored with the Basque artist Yon Irigoyen). Since 2015, Jitlina has been collaborating with the Lampedusa in Hamburg group of refugee activists and opera singer Yulia Averina, bringing them together in the theatrical performance Translation based on Andrey Platonov’s novella Dzhan. Winner of the Henkel Young Artists Prize (2012) and the Lea and Hans Grundig Prize (2015), she lives and works in St. Petersburg.

Daniel Kwabena Oppong (b. 1992, Ghana) is a fourth-year medical student at the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg, with specialization in Cardiology. In June 2018, Oppong voiced over the audio version of Olga Jitlina’s performance Fraternité.

Vladislava Milovskaya (b. 1990, Leningrad) is a performer and actress. Participant of the independent art laboratory VOKRUG DA OKOLO. Teacher at St. Petersburg School of New Cinema (Director’s Work with Actor course).

Ignat Khlobystin (b. 1995, St. Petersburg) is a flautist, fourth-year student of the Conservatoire, laureate of international competitions. Khlobystin performs classical, contemporary academic and improvisational music. He graduated from the School of Improvisational Music at the Gallery of Experimental Sound (currently Museum of Sound). Member of the St. Petersburg Orchestra of Improvisation and the Pechalnaya Svadba (Sad Wedding) trio.


Free admission with advance registration.

The text will be performed in Russian and English languages with subtitles.


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