Special screening of the video-vaudeville No Avoiding the Apocalypse!


The special screening of the video-vaudeville No Avoiding the Apocalypse! will be introduced by Techno-Poetry Cooperative, who will explain their approach to art as being inseparable from their activist ethics and the political economy of production. Viewers will be invited to participate in a number of physical and vocal practices, which do not require any special skills, and to discuss the work and their experience afterwards.

The video-vaudeville No Avoiding the Apocalypse! examines the important social and professional issues that concern the artists today: inclusive art and education, artists’ labor, gender diversity, and the visibility of the LGBTQ+ community. The narrative unfolds in a series of conspiracy-theory-based and interactive “salvation” exercises with “agents of the future”—contemporary activists speaking from the futures made possible through their activities in the present.


 Free admission with advance registration.