Sound Art: Noise to Sound Installation


From 25 February 2015 to 1 March 2015


Sound Art: Noise to Sound InstallationSound Art: Noise to Sound Installation


For teenagers (14+)

Sound Art: Noise to Sound Installation

For teenagers (14+)
16 classes
Sundays 2–3.30 pm
26 October – 21 December 2014 (no class on 2 November 2014); 18 January – 1 March 2015

How much does sound affect our perception? What remains of a film when all music and sound is taken away? The Sound Art course shifts focus from things we see to things we hear. Even the most mundane sounds, like the clatter of spoons, the rustling of sugar cubes, or the noise of muffled talk, could be used in creative experiments to make music, sound installations, or dramatic pieces. The lectures on noise music, ars acoustica, and sound design in film and museum projects complement master classes on writing, screenwriting, and speech technique by guest speakers and practical sessions in recording studios. The final assignment of the course involves creating a sound show scenario.

Class duration
: 90 min
Class size: 12
Ticket price: 16,000 RUB

Course instructors

Ksenia Lamshina is a program director at Radio Cultura. She studied economics, management and law at Russian State University for Humanities. Lamshina worked as a PR director at Architectural Politics studio and a radio class teacher at Pirogov School.

Olga Korshakova is the author and host of Others in the City show at Radio Cultura and producer of independent theater company Liquid Theater. She studied theater criticism at Russian Academy of Theater Arts (Boris Lyubimov class). In 2013 Korshakova taught a theater class at Pirogov School.