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28–29 May 2018


Specially adapted for Garage, this is a new version of the performance created by Innovation Award winner, artist, and theater director Vera Martynov, composer Alexei Sysoev, and choreographer Nikita Chumakov, which looks at experiencing tragedy on both the personal and global scales.

The world premiere of the stage cantata SOS (The Song of Songs) for fourteen singers, two readers, percussion, and a telegraph key took place at the NET festival, on December 1, 2017 in the Theater of Nations New Space. As a site-specific piece, for Garage the performance has been adapted to the unique museum space designed by Rem Koolhaas. SOS is the first experimental work that explores Vera Martynov's concept of the “empty set,”, i.e. keeping both the physical and the interpretative space empty.

The libretto is formed by three texts: the Song of Songs, a canonical text in the Hebrew Bible and the Old Testament; the letters of Pliny the Younger, the Roman politician, writer, and lawyer, who lived in the first century CE; and Vera Martynov's iPhone Notes, which include personal diary entries, quotes from prominent contemporary thinkers, and phrases picked up on the street. In SOS 2.0, both text and reader change: this time one of the authors, Vera Martynov, will become a performer.

The text of the Song of Songs is performed in English, in the King James Bible version of 1611. Other texts are performed in Russian.

Author of concept and text, Director, and Artist: Vera Martynov
Composer: Alexey Sysoev
Musical Director: Ekaterina Antonenko
Choreographer: Nikita Chumakov
Performers: Sasha Pronkin, Vera Martynov (readers); Daria Safroshkina, Lyubov Temnova, Maria Grigorieva, Evgeniya Kissina, Tatiana Kokoreva, Ekaterina Kolomina, Olga Talysheva, Varvara Popova, Maria Movenko, Ivan Derevnin, Artem Volkov, Mikhail Nor, Nikolai Basov, Vasily Korostelev, Vladimir Krasov (soloists of the Intrada vocal ensemble); Dmitry Shchelkin (percussionist, telegraph key operator)


Vera Martynov is an artist and director. She graduated from the Scenography department of the Russian Academy of Theater Art (RATI/ GITIS) in 2008. Since 2015, she has worked as an independent artist, collaborating with various theaters, museums, and galleries. From 2012 to 2015, she was the main stage designer at the Gogol Center and assisted its chief director Kirill Serebrennikov in the renovation of the theater. She is the co-founder of the Dmitry Grymov Laboratory, where she worked as scenographer, costume designer, and performative artist from 2004 to 2013. Martynov was also a resident at Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center (2012, 2013). She has multiple awards to her name, including the Golden Triga of the Prague Quadrennial, the Edinburgh International Art Festival award (with the Dmitry Grymov Laboratory), and the Golden Masque award for Best Set Designer. Martynov teaches at the School-Studio MHAT, the Russian Academy of Theater Art (RATI/ GITIS), and the British Higher School of Design in Moscow.



Tickets for the performance are 1000 RUB.

 Tickets for the performance are 900 RUB for GARAGE Cardholders.

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