Sign Language tours with interpretation for the hearing

Public Program for Co-thinkers
17 July – 21 August 2016
Sunday, July 17, July 31, August 21, 16:00


Get a different perspective on art during a tour with one of our co-thinkers Polina Sineva.

Each co-thinker has chosen the format of their tour. Polina will be taking visitors on tours in Russian Sign Language—with interpretation for the hearing—and will focus on the use of text in the exhibition space.

Jorge Luis Borges once compared the world to the library of Babel. We are surrounded by text, whether it appears in advertising, road signs or information boards on the underground. We find text in so many places that we have stopped noticing it.

During her tour, Polina will discuss a number of examples of contemporary artists working with text, show how they infuse clichéd phrases with new—sometimes shocking—meaning, and invite the viewers to play with textual elements, treating them not only as information, but also as images.


Polina Sineva was born in Moscow in 1982. She studied Deaf Education and Deaf Psychology at Moscow State Pedagogical University, and Scriptwriting for Film at Gerasimov State Institute of Cinematography. She was a professional table tennis player and has worked in the media (including the newspaper Mir glukhikh and V edinom stroyu magazine). She is a sign language instructor and freelance screenwriter for feature films and shorts. Her interests include graphic novels. She has been deaf from birth.

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Free admission, registration required.


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