shnit Worldwide Shortfilmfestival 2021. Premiere of the program Experiments


From 26 October 2021




Garage Auditorium
shnit Worldwide Shortfilmfestival 2021. Premiere of the program Experimentsshnit Worldwide Shortfilmfestival 2021. Premiere of the program Experiments


The experimental program of shnit Worldwide Shortfilmfestival 2021 features short films from six countries made in extremely varying genres and styles: the dreamy story of a young Martian girl (Jacqueline Lentzou), an homage to the avant-garde artist Yayoi Kusama (Michael Lyons), a dissociative fugue about male gaze and violence (Kenji Ouellet), and others.

Tuesday, October 26

19:30–21:00Garage Auditorium


The scene of a young woman waking up after a nightmare repeats several times, each time getting a new development. A case of harassment on the film set turns into a meditation on the unreliability of memory, while forced sex ends in a coma. In this dissociative fugue about the male gaze and violence, the same actors play different characters, while memory lapses and the switches between first and third person create a dreamlike narrative.

Dir. Kenji Ouellet
Germany, 2021. 23 min. 18+

Queen of Dots

Michael Lyons brings some textbook pieces of Japanese avant-garde artist Yayoi Kusama to life using a flicker effect. The film was completed on February 2, 2020 and is 2 minutes 2 seconds long. It was screened at the 59th Ann Arbor Film Festival.

Queen of Dots
Dir. Michael Lyons
French Polynesia, 2020. 2 min. 18+

The End of Suffering (A Proposal)

Jacqueline Lentzou's dreamy short, shot on 16 mm film with the participation of her constant co-author, actress Sofia Kokkali, screened at the Locarno Film Festival. As the female protagonist is consumed by panic attacks and a sense of alienation, aliens come to the rescue: it turns out that the girl in fact came to Earth from Mars. In this therapeutic short, Greek mythology is intertwined with the beauty of the human body, pop hits, and ambient music by the Japanese Hiroshi Yoshimura.

The End of Suffering (A Proposal)
Dir. Jacqueline Lentzou
Greece, 2020. 14 min. 18+

Vadim on Walk

The surrealist glitch animation by one of the most interesting Russian animation artists follows Vadim’s existential crisis.

Vadim on Walk
Director Sasha Svirsky
Russia, 2021. 8 min. 12+

The Fourfold

Canadian director Alisi Telengut’s animation film was shot in Mongolian and using natural materials. In the circumstances of a rapid ecological collapse, Mongolian shamans’ ancient rituals acquire new relevance—becoming a way of interacting with nature. The Fourfold screened at the Sundance Film Festival.

The Fourfold
Dir. Alisi Telengut
Canada, 2020. 7 min. 18+

Panama Man

A lonely and modest middle-aged man goes on vacation and discovers the dark side as night falls. He punches the bottom of his panama hat, puts on a raincoat and instigates a brawl. Filmed on the picturesque island of Menorca, this is a film about the duality of human nature.

Panama Man
Dir. Zygintas Papartis
Lithuania, 2021. 5 min. 18+


For five years, director Shinya Isobe went out onto the balcony to document sunsets on film, subsequently using these frames to make a lyrical short movie, edited with the help of numerous exposures. 13 won the Ken Burns Award at the Ann Arbor Film Festival.

Dir. Shinya Isobe
Japan, 2020. 11 min. 18+


Standard: 400 RUB


Tickets for seniors, veterans, large families, under 18s, and visitors with disabilities (with one carer): 200 RUB*

Films will be shown in original language with Russian subtitles.
Screening accessible for the deaf and hard of hearing.

*Please bring proof of eligibility