Shabolovka's Avant-garde and the ‘firstlings’ of Soviet Moscow

20 April 2014


This tour of the Shabolovka district will take in a whole array of interesting sites – the “firstlings” of Soviet Moscow. You will see the Shukhov Tower, famous for its delicate designs, the residential commune of the 1st Zamoskvorechye cooperative partnership, the Khavsko-Shabolovsky apartment complex, as well as the unique experimental commune on Ordzhonikidze Street, intended as a model for new Soviet housing. 

Tour duration: 3 hours. 

Meeting point: Shabolovskaya Metro Station. 

Price: 400 to 800 roubles, ARTFriend card holders are eligible for a discount. 

The number of places in each group is limited. Please book beforehand. Call +7 (495) 645-05-20 for additional information. 


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