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21 June – 4 July 2017
June 21 and July 4, 19:00–20:30


Vladimir Kozlov discusses books by punk musicians of the past and present day—and authors whose ideas and style resonate with punk ideas and aesthetics.

In the first seminar, writer and filmmaker Vladimir Kozlov will look at writings by active and former punk musicians. Reading excerpts from Patti Smith, Richard Hell, Lydia Lunch, and Henry Rollins, Kozlov will play some of their musical compositions to illustrate the connection between punk rock and punk literature.

The second seminar will be devoted to writers whose ideas and aesthetics resonate with punk. Although they represent different generations, movements, and styles, they are similar to punk musicians in their focus on the less appealing aspects of life often ignored by other authors, and their ability to create powerful images with minimal means. The selection of texts spans the period from the 1950s to the present day and ranges from noire, to the dirty realism of Charles Bukowski and Chuck Palahniuk’s postmodernism. Fragments of film adaptations of the books discussed will be shown. 


Vladimir Kozlov is a Russian writer, translator, journalist, screenwriter and director, author of about a dozen novels and non-fiction books, including Gopniks (2002), Home (2010) and War (2013). He received a Sdelano v Rossii award in literature from Snob project in 2013. Vladimir Kozlov wrote screenplays and directed the feature films Ten (2013), Skin (2015) and Anomie (2016) and the documentary Footprints in the Snow (2014). His films have been shown at Russian and international festivals and his books have been published in France, Serbia, Slovakia, and the USA.

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