Due to the current restrictions, visits to the 2nd Garage Triennial are based on fixed-time tickets. Please purchase tickets online, where you will find information about free time slots.

15 May – 31 July 2020


As self-isolation continues, Garage mediators test new online formats of communication and invite listeners to join their series of conversations.

Mediation implies a friendly and casual conversation between a museum representative and a visitor. However, not everyone is comfortable being active in a conversation and openly stating their opinions to someone they don’t know. For those who prefer the role of a listener Garage has launched the new format of mediators’ dialogues.

In each session, two mediators will discuss actionism, the role of the body in art practices, and underground artistic communities of the late Soviet period, followed by questions from the listeners. This format allows for an easier and more comfortable transition from passive spectatorship to active participation. Listeners are welcome to meet the mediator and get involved in the future mediation for the exhibition.


Free with advance registration.

The conversations will be in the Russian language.

Registered participants will receive a Zoom link via email.

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