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Second Publishing School by Frankfurt Book Fair and Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

15–17 May 2018


Frankfurt Book Fair represented by the German Book Information Center in Moscow and Garage Museum of Contemporary Art invite visitors to the second school for publishing professionals.

The program includes lectures by German experts in book sales, marketing, publishing management, translation, and design, as well as discussions with leading Russian authors, editors, critics, graphic designers, and translators. 

Two films will be screened as part of the school: Vadim Jendreyko’s documentary The Woman with the 5 Elephants, devoted to the life of renowned Dostoyevsky translator Svetlana Geier, and the road movie The Last Bookshop of the World by Finnish director Rax Rinnekangas.

On Friday, May 18—the first day of Garage Art Book Fair—Martin Jack, Senior Sales Manager at IPR License will give a seminar about the international rights market as part of the program for professionals.


Gabriella Hoffmann has been with Gräfe & Unzer since 1999. She started her career at the publishing house as a volunteer in production marketing and grew to become a manager working with its key clients. In 2005, she took a short break from her work with the publisher to work as an independent marketing consultant and collaborated with Süddeutsche Zeitung as a manager for their Books and Audiobooks program. She returned to Gräfe & Unzer to head a branch of its Licences and Production department and currently works as the publisher’s International Sales Director.

Gräfe & Unzer is one of Germany’s leading publishers specialising in reference books and popular science. It is part of Ganske Publishing Group.

Andreas Rötzer headed Matthes & Seitz in 2004, right after completing his MA. He moved the publisher’s headquarters to Berlin and diversified its publishing program. Today, Matthes & Seitz publishes fiction, popular science, and the series Fun Science. In 2013, it launched a major project Natural Sciences in collaboration with designer and columnist Judith Schalansky. In 2017, the journal BuchMarkt named Rötzer the publisher of the year.

Rosemarie Tietze studied theatre, Slavic and Germanic philology in Cologne, Vienna and Munich universities and trained at the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS). She teaches translation at Sprachen & Dolmetscher Institut in Munich and has initiated the creation of Deutscher Übersetzerfonds—a foundation for German translators of fiction. She is a recipient of many prizes, including from the German Academy for Language and Literature.

She specializes in fiction and drama and has translated works by Vladimir Nabokov, Boris Pasternak, Vasily Aksyonov, Andrei Bitov, Gaito Gazdanov, Boris Zhitkov, and Lyudmila Petrushevskaya, but is best known for her translations of Leo Tolstoy. She has written many articles and spoken about Russian culture and translation on radio and television.

Holger Liebs is a well-known journalist, art historian and critic, expert in the art market. A successful independent journalist, in 2001 he became the chief editor of the art section at Süddeutsche Zeitung’s literary supplement. From 2010 to 2016 he was the editor-in-chief at Monopol and currently works as director for Hatje Cantz—a publisher specializing in art.


Frankfurt Book Fair


Admission is free with advance registration.

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