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22 July 2017


A documentary by Olga Stolpovskaya on how the creative intelligence audience moves from town to village, but as a result is forced to live in New Moscow.

In 2015, declared the Year of Literature in Russia, writer Alexander Snegirev suddenly learns that the house in which he lives will be demolished, to make way for a highway. The highway project is placed on the Internet, on its plan a diagram of the house is seen, where a cheerful company of friends comes to Snegirev—contemporary writers Alisa Ganieva, Anna Kozlova, Paver Sanayev, Sergei Shargunov, Anton Sekisov and others.

Construction does not begin, and Alexander Snegirev decides to live as nothing has happened: he continues to write.

After watching the director will answer questions from the audience.

The Year of Literature

Director Olga Stolpovskaya. Russia, 2015. 63 min.



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