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15 December 2017


Playwright Tracy Letts and Aidan “Littlefinger” Gillen—in a film about infidelity and sudden passion.

Married for many years, Mary (Debra Winger) and Michael (Tracey Letts) have become alienated from each other in recent years. Mary has a lover (Aidan Gillen from Game of Thrones), while Michael dates another woman (Melora Walters), and both are on the edge of splitting up—which, apparently, will happen after they meet their adult son who wants to introduce them with his girlfriend. Aiming to appear an ideal couple in front of the girl—and break off forever straight after, Mary and Michael suddenly find their forgotten passion towards each other awakening, following a random morning kiss.

Azazel Jacobs, director of the TV series Mozart in the Jungle and Doll & Em, has made a film about infidelity without falling into theatricality or pure sarcasm. His Lovers are ethereal and at times light-headed although by no means frivolous. It is a contemplation on love, affection, and the endless search of happiness which can reveal itself in the most awkward situations, perhaps, best of all described by Madness in the song It Must be Love featured in the film soundtrack, as striking as the unexpected finale.

The film took part in the London Film Festival, along with screenings in New York, Melbourne and Stockholm.

The Lovers
Director Azazel Jacobs. USA, 2017. 94 minutes.


Standard adult—350 RUB

Concessions for visitors with disabilities—175 RUB. 
Ticket for one carer—175 RUB.

Film will be shown in English with Russian subtitles.
Screening accessible for the deaf and hard of hearing.


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