Screening: The Lady from Shanghai

Screening: The Lady from ShanghaiScreening: The Lady from Shanghai


The Lady from Shanghai is a mysterious and hypnotizing sample of film noir, though the American critics recognized it only decades later.

A confusing plot, original visual solutions and the incredible popularity of Rita Hayworth who starred in the leading role did not make the film a financial success, but turned it into a cult artwork which is admired by Martin Scorsese and Lars von Trier.

One of the twentieth century’s best directors Orson Welles worked on his films as actor, script writer, director and editor at the same time. Though he faced harsh criticism of his filming style while alive, his main films Citizen Kane, The Trial, The Stranger, and The Lady from Shanghai became the most quoted works in the history of cinema.

The Lady from Shanghai

Director: Orson Welles. USA, 1947. 87 minutes.



Standard adult—300 RUB.

Concessions for visitors with disabilities—150 RUB*.
*Ticket for one carer—150 RUB.

The film will be screened in English with Russian subtitles.
The event is accessible to deaf and hard of hearing visitors.


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