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28 January 2017


One of the greatest film comedies of all time starring the inimitable Marilyn Monroe caused a sensation in terms of culture and history. The film's storyline is extremely uninhibited for its time. The subject of men cross dressing to escape from gangsters led to the film being produced without approval from the Motion Picture Production Code (aka Hays Code), which meant it could have remained unreleased.

However, the film's unqualified success with audiences proved that the public accepted the sexually themed plot twist and forced the association revise the code and ultimately end the era of censorship, paving the way for the New Hollywood.

A celebrity crew that includes Marilyn Monroe and the high-profile film director Billy Wilder is not the only remarkable feature of this picture. Some Like It Hot was one of the first attempts to move from studio production towards independent filmmaking.

Some Like It Hot

Dir. Billy Wilder, 122 minutes, USA, 1959

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