Screening of works by the finalists of PROkino Cinema


From 3 February 2017




Garage Auditorium
Screening of works by the finalists of PROkino Cinema Screening of works by the finalists of PROkino Cinema


A program of documentary and fiction shorts made by graduates of the Gorky Film Studios educational project PROkino Cinema Laboratory will be screened in Garage Auditorium  February 3.

On February 3, visitors are invited to see a program of five shorts: a comedy drama by Alla Savina Lyonechka, The Last Tramb by Daria Molchalova, The Telescope by Toma Stenko and Vlada Makeychik’s heartbreaking mother-and-daughter story Casting, and a black-and-white comedy Voices by the Window by Elvira Bolgova, paying homage to the’ silent films of the 1920s

Friday, February 3

19:00–22:00  Garage Auditorium  

Voices by the window

Director: Elvira Bolgova

Screenplay: Marina Moskovchuk

Running time: 11 min


Supervisor: Irakli Kvirikadze

Two cleaners—the Chubby One and the Redhead—are washing piles of dishes in the basement kitchen of a fancy restaurant In Aphrodite’s Gardens, when their daily routine is interrupted by a separated couple arguing by the kitchen window.


Director: Vlada Makeychik

Running time: 11 min


An ambitious mother brings her daughter to a casting, hoping to make her an actress. However, the girl does not share her enthusiasm. The conflict between mother and daughter will be resolved in the most unexpected way.


Director: Alla Savina

Running time: 22 min


An HR manager in a film studio, Lyonechka reads a school composition by his eight-year-old daughter, who is writing about her father. The text is funny but very short. Lyonya gets upset and decides to write the story of his life himself.

The Last Tram

Director: Daria Molchalova

Running time: 17 min


A son is taking care of his elderly mother who is losing her memory, stoically withstanding all of the consequent hardships. Meanwhile, his mother’s conscience delves into the world of childhood, where her son doesn’t exist. Only a tiny bit of her memory is still resisting the loss.

The Telescope

Director: Sonya Stenko

Running time: 20 min


Anton is constructing a telescope in a tiny Moscow flat. A phone rings. He talks to Lisa, who has left him. Anton tells her, ironically, that he’s planning to howl at the moon because of solitude. After the call, he starts looking at the opposite building and witnesses something that scares him to death.


Free admission with advance registration