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Screening of Dream Journal by Jon Rafman

IAM. Screening
19 June – 2 July 2018


A special screening of Dream Journal, a film by Canadian artist Jon Rafman, will be held in the Screening / Let’s play zone of the IAM exhibition. Rafman is widely known for his works exploring technologies, new media, and virtual reality and their influence on today’s minds and society.

Dream Journal is a series of strange, sometimes frightening, and seemingly incoherent stories executed using crude computer animation. Each story is part of the fantastic, Dantean journey of two daring little girl protagonists. On their way they meet images inspired by mythology, well-known thrillers, cult video games (The Sims and Street Fighter), and childhood heroes such as Alice in Wonderland and The Goonies (a popular 1985 Canadian children’s film). On the basis of some unknown criteria they are interspersed with openly erotic scenes and physiological details, fanciful metamorphoses, markers of contemporary digital culture, everyday trivia, features of the city, elements of architecture, and landscapes. Familiar details from daily life, history or pop culture appear in the most inconceivable combinations, as if in a dream or during a moment of spontaneous wandering across the expanses of the Internet.

Dream Journal, 2015–2016
Single-channel video, 60’
Music by Oneohtrix Point Never and James Ferraro


Free admission with advance registration.

Please be aware that this film is intended for audiences aged 18+

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