Screening of Contemporary Color and opening of Documentary Film Festival CENTER


From 7 September 2016




Garage Rooftop


Russian Premiere and the opening film of Documentary Film Festival CENTER, Contemporary Color is a unique collaboration of athletes and musicians, a lively picture of friendly sporting spirit and endlessly bright, colorful expression.

In 2015, legendary musician David Byrne treated audiences to a performance spectacle unlike any other—bringing ten of the best color guard teams from across North America to Brooklyn’s Barclays Center to perform their synchronized dance routines (often involving flags, rifles and sabers) to music composed for their performances by musicians including St. Vincent, Nelly Furtado, Ad-Rock + Money Mark, Nico Muhly + Ira Glass and Byrne himself. Commissioned by BAM and Luminato Festival, Contemporary Color is no mere concert documentary. Seen through the eyes of celebrated American documentary duo, the Ross Brothers (Western, 45365), this tightly choreographed event is cracked open to make space for the performers’ hopes, dreams, homes and personal histories as they’re on the floor giving the biggest show of their lives.

Fully exploring the scope and spectacle of the performances, Contemporary Color also goes freely from dance floor to stage, and from the stands to behind the scenes—even beyond the confines of the venue with dreamy subjective departures, bringing rich, human-scale detail to the experience of the show. As the live music takes this little-known sport to new heights, the wildly talented and passionate superstars of color guard get the limelight they’ve always deserved.  In joining together, these artists of different disciplines create something both complementary and new. In this way, above all else, Contemporary Color is a celebration of this unique, once in a lifetime collaboration—a portrait of camaraderie, athleticism, and boundless, colorful expression.

Contemporary Color
Directors Bill Ross IV and Turner Ross. 107 minutes, USA, 2016
Special screening in Garage Museum as part of Documentary Film Festival CENTER


Documentary Film Festival CENTER is created by the Documentary Film Center and the Museum of Moscow. It is dedicated to contemporary urban culture and the life of modern society. Films in the program cover various aspects of life in big cities and show how the urban environment evolves due to the emergence of new communities and subcultures, the development of architecture and design and activities of contemporary musicians and artists. It also focuses on the lives of the young generation in the new socio-political circumstances in Europe and America. 

Festival CENTER-2016 presents films which premiered internationally at Sundance, Tribeca, SXSW, Berlin and Venice Film Festivals. All of the films are Russian premieres.

The main programme will take place at Documentary Film Center; parallel venues are Garage Museum of Contemporary Art and New Holland Island (Saint-Petersburg).


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