The Russian premier of the restored version of the experimental documentary Mysterious Object at Noon.

This film was shot without a script: the film crew, led by the director, went on an expedition from the north to the south of Thailand, offering residents of the villages a chance to continue and supplement a story of twin boys (in fact, the film is conceptually based upon the "exquisite corpse" game invented by surrealists). After returning to Bangkok, the crew re-filmed this story with non-professional actors. Weersethakul characterizes his work as follows: “I'm interested in the possibilities of involving both fact and fiction in one film, but I wasn't thinking much about revolutionizing the narrative method when I started making this film. In some ways, I think the movie turned out to be really rather old-fashioned.”

The film was restored in 2013 with the support of the "World Cinema" project of the Cinema Foundation (USA) and the Museum of Cinema of Austria.


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